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What is the BMF? (British Motorcycle Federation)

In 1960, prompted by some admittedly horrendous accidents and lurid tales of leather jacketed hooligans racing around our streets, the tabloid press started a campaign generally denigrating motorcycles and the people who rode them. Objecting to this tirade was a group of right-minded enthusiasts, mainly from the big motorcycle clubs. They decided with strength lying in numbers they would form the Federation of National and One Make Clubs (FNOMCC). It didn't exactly trip off the tongue but it was a start.

Heartened by some early successes, the organisation grew quickly to encompass all motorcyclists and so in 1965 was renamed the British Motorcyclists Federation. Growing in size and stature over the years, BMF lobbying and other activities have claimed some worthy successes, such as the introduction of our own insurance scheme offering a 30% no claim bonus when we were lucky to get 10% elsewhere. The BMF Rider Training Scheme introduced in 1982 is another notable achievement.


With a 140,000-strong membership, the BMF has gained the experience, the knowledge and the influence that today's riders need. Our researchers and analysts work on any subject affecting motorcycling. We are active in Europe through the FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists Association) and FIM (Federation of International Motorcyclists). We lobby MPs, MEPS, Ministers, Commissioners and Committees, to ensure that your views and concerns are heard and understood by Local Authorities, national Government and the European Union. But it's not just legislative work; the media, seeking our informed view are increasingly contacting us. They like a "one-stop-shop" and we're happy to provide it; an important role if motorcycling is to be promoted positively. Through its regional structure the BMF actively promotes the enjoyment, fun and fellowship of motorcyclists and each region has its own calendar of events.

Administration is centred on our headquarters in Leicester which also houses BMF Promotions, our events organisers. A small dedicated staff perform the vital function of looking after our network of over one hundred volunteers throughout the UK and, of course, servicing our club and individual membership. Working from home are all the volunteers (which include the Directors of the BMF). We employ a Government Relations Executive, an Assistant Government Relations Executive a Research Officer and a Press Officer. "Motorcycle Rider", the BMF's magazine, is produced by RBP a publisher based on Humberside and our website is administered by Caistor Media..

This is only a snapshot of the BMF; elsewhere you will read about specific activities, but there are practical benefits to BMF membership as well. We have our own insurance schemes covering not just your bike but all your travel needs, medical, breakdown and recovery. Clubs can take advantage of a tailor made package covering public liability insurance. Thanks to a special arrangement with the RAC, we can offer considerable savings on their membership rates. We even offer our own Visa credit. Touring advice, ferry and dealer discounts are also offered and, through our regional network, a calendar of social events. Topping all this is Europe's biggest one-day motorcycle event, the BMF Show, regularly attracting attendances of over 80,000 people; it's a unique event with over 700 exhibitors and all day entertainment. Best of all, BMF members get reduced admission! Throughout the year there are also other BMF shows and events (see BMF Events) to which members also get reduced admission.
Run by "Motorcyclists Working for Motorcyclists", the BMF is all about bikes and all about the people who ride them. If you're already a member, fine; if not, why not? All Individual Members receive "Motorcycle Rider" magazine, keeping them in touch with BMF activities and events. It's easy to join and only costs 21 (27 for joint membership). We take all major credit cards plus Switch and offer Direct Debit too, saving you money on renewals!

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