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Airheads Beemer Club


Airheads Beemer Club

    An International Motorcycle Club for unpretentious owners of air-cooled BMW's


What is the Airheads Beemer Club?
The ABC is an nonprofit international club for owners and co-owners of air-cooled BMW motorcycles with type 247 engines, or their twin-cylinder predecessors. These are the opposed-twin models commonly called Boxers.

What are the Club Canons?


Airheads ride Beemers with air-cooled heads.


Airheads believe that the simplest engineering solutions are best.


Airheads appreciate function over form, fact over fiction, and friendship over friction.


Airheads regard money as a tool, not a status symbol.


Airheads are earthy people who like to camp.


Airheads maintain their own motorcycles.


Airheads don't take themselves, religion, or life too seriously.


Airheads like to share time, knowledge, parts, and camaraderie with other Airheads.

Who can join?
Anyone who owns an air-cooled BMW motorcycle as described above, and agrees with the Club Canons.

How do I join?
Everything you need is on the membership application.

Can I pay for my membership online?
No, you have to mail a check with the membership application. Credit cards are accepted.

Does the club have a printed newsletter?
Airmail is the official newsletter of the Airheads Beemer Club. Airmail is published monthly and is sent free to all members. Only members may receive Airmail.

Where's my first issue of Airmail?
Airmail is sent at bulk mail rate, so it can take two or three weeks to get to you--but you'll get it eventually. And we all know that it's worth the wait.

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